TEHRAN,(HONARONLINE)- Renowned Iranian artist Mostafa Damirchi will display his work entitled "luxury Death". Mostafa Damirchi is one of the winners of the Sixth Biennial of Contemporary Painting who his artworks are kept in Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art now. Last year, after a two decades hiatus, he held "The Creation of Eve" exhibition at Shirin Gallery. Also, nowadays he would desire to establish his newest exhibition entitled "luxury Death". "In Iranian culture, matter of death always has been one of the most powerful issues which we can realize it by Iranian ancient pattern", Damirchi Said. "Mourning culture in Iran has serious presence in remnants of language, literature, music, performing arts and visual of Iran's history. Accordingly, I choose the topic "death" for my new artwork's series." "Furthermore, it's not the only issue of this series, because approaches of works include the kind of criticism to the contemporary world and luxury issue", he added. "Luxury Death" exhibition will be held later this year.