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Contemporary Narration of Iranian Painting Art about “Creation of Eve”


A critique by Mahmoud Nourawi, the critic 



Shirin Gallery is host of one of the most different exhibitions held during recent years. “Creation of Eve” by Mostafa Damirchi (Dachi) has a different glance to the Iranian painting art. In this exhibition 17 works of this experienced artist have been exposed all are new manifestation of miniature. He has tried to expose the details in a big frame in order to give new concept to the details of miniature.

Damirchi (Dachi) has tried to create works with big dimensions 4-8 meters by using the fluid and circle lines. His art makes the audience to re-discover the miniature art. He has had an abstract attitude to the Iranian miniature. He has not relied on classical rules of anatomy but has given fluidity to the fissures of his works.

Generally speaking Damirchi has created a contemporary narration of Iranian painting art in “Creation of Eve” by using the organic colors like coffee, chocolate, cacao, tea and colorful spices.

He tried to emphasis on narrations as well.

Mostafa Damirchi is one of the winners of 4th Tehran Painting Biennial in Tehran who has convened several exhibitions in foreign countries during the last 10 years such as his two solo exhibitions in Art Gallery of Salzburg.

After 10 years he is to convene his second solo exhibition in Tehran at Shirin Gallery located at No.5, 13th St., Sanaei St., Karim Khan Zand Ave.


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Tehran- Iran

Aug 2016

Cd3: EB : Damirchi