Excerpt: Ivana News

Ivana Visual Arts News Agency

Date: 3 March 2015

Organic Painting of Mostafa Damirchi after 10 years  in Iran

As The exhibition of organic painting of Mostafa Damirchi (Dachi) will be held in Shirin Gallery under title of “Creation of Eve”.

As IVANA reported this exhibition follows a different glance at the contemporary art arena as to technic, materials and subject.

He will expose his 17 organic works in big sizes of 2-8 meters in Shirin Gallery.

In these works Dachi tried to give conceptual and contemporary aspect by taking advantage of the miniature art techniques based on colorful materials of ancient miniature in a adventuresome structure and has used organic materials like coffee, chocolate, cacao, tea and colorful spices.

The subject of his paintings is creation of Eve and descend of human on the earth.

Mostafa Damirchi is one of the winners of 4th Tehran Painting Biennial in Tehran who has convened several exhibitions in foreign countries during the last 10 years such as his two solo exhibitions in Art Gallery of Salzburg.

After 10 years he is to convene his second solo exhibition in Tehran at Shirin Gallery located at No.5, 13th St., Sanaei St., Karim Khan ZandAve.


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Tehran- Iran

Aug 2016

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