Excerpt: Shargh Daily

8 April.2015

A critic by Mahmoud Nouraei

Contemporary Art means Return to the Past

The second exhibition of Mostafa Damirchiis now convened after 10 years and 6th Tehran Painting Biennial, during this period he has convened some solo exhibition in foreign countries.
Now he has convened his second exhibition in Shirin Gallery under title of “Creation of Eve” and has exposed his 17 works in big sizes of 4-8 meters. His different glance and using the materials which have been used less in contemporary art are among the interesting points of this exhibition.

After 6th Biennial his work was assigned to the Museum which is a great event for a young artist and then he travelled to different countries to create new things.

During the past decade he has lived in different places and has had different studies on art of Middle East.

He tries to preserve his personal expression in presenting his works and tries to present a unique word.

In “Creation of Eve” he has recreated his own mind and tried to present the same in a bigger frame.

His painting are different in view point of concept and type of implementation, therefore he used different materials whatever creates stronger feeling is interesting for him.

During the past decade he has lived in different places and has had different studies in art of the Middle East and Middle Asia , he followed mental and spiritual revelation with the surface canvas through color and artistic elements it means though discharge with the visual creation based on aesthetic fundamentals.

He tried to preserve his own personal expression in presenting his works and tried to present unique works which is procedure of work creation and has no relation with his concept.

He believes that basically the contemporary art is return to the past, his works are relied on design it means that the design powers are known in his works more than anything else.

He believes that this dialogue is in the world art, he discovered the Iranian painting lines and took advantage of the experience of the ancient time as far as material may concern.

As to economic infrastructure of the art there are many problems which must be solved accordingly.


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Tehran- Iran

Aug 2016

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